TV alert: “Terminal City”


I like Six Feet Under. I like Canada. So if you tell me that something is “the Canadian version of Six Feet Under,” I’m likely to tune in. And that’s how some critics have described Terminal City, which has its U.S. debut on the Sundance Channel tonight.

The series stars Gil Bellows (Ally McBeal) and Maria del Mar as husband and wife Ari and Katie. When Katie gets cancer, she and her family end up in a reality show set in a hospital. Apparently that spells medical drama, parodying of reality shows and good old relationship drama.

Terminal City‘s directing team includes Lynne Stopkewich, whose movie Kissed is disturbing and unforgettable. (It’s about necrophilia, which is probably enough said.) Stopkewich has also directed a few episodes of The L Word. She has an eye for spooky, indelible images, and these Terminal City stills seem to reflect that.

And there are two other female directors on the team, Kari Skogland (Chicks With Sticks) and Rachel Talalay (The Wind in the Willows). Along with Bellows and del Mar, the cast includes Kate Boland (Jumper) and Jane McLean (Shoot ‘Em Up).

Here are the opening credits — very Six Feet Under, indeed:

The word “dark” comes up a lot in reference to the series, and that pretty much guarantees my attention. And then there’s this summary from Toronto’s Globe and Mail: “Terminal City embraces taboo topics in a respectful, honest manner, and ends up leaving viewers eminently entertained.” I’m in.

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