Interview With Kat Feller of “High School Reunion”


TV Land’s new reality show, High School Reunion, which premieres

tonight, reunites classmates from a Texas high

school 20 years later in a beautiful Maui

setting. The show brings together the grown-up versions of various typical high

school identities such as "the jock," "the popular girl"

and "the bully," as well as identities that emerged some time after

high school, including "the lesbian," embodied by Kat Feller.

Now an animation voice-over

actor who lives in the Los Angeles

area, Feller dated boys during high school but considered herself a closeted

lesbian who was never able to truly be herself with her classmates. In the

first episode, she comes out to her former classmates and shares details of her

lesbian life since graduation. But Feller also reveals another motive for

joining the reunion: She’s thinking about dating men again and wants to explore

her bi-curious side with her old classmates.

She recently talked with about how it felt to come out her classmates, going on a date

with the most popular boy in school, and who she had a crush on back in the

’80s. You’re identified on the show as

"the lesbian." You say on the show that you really bloomed after high

school when you started living as a lesbian. When was that?

Kat Feller: I came out to

my family about a year after I was actually out to my self. And that was about

at the age of 21. … Maybe two or three years after high school I started identifying

with it and understanding exactly the way I was feeling and knowing that I’d

had these feelings for a really long time. I mean, elementary school long time.

But just being too scared to even think about what was going through my head.

AE: Early on in the series you come out to your

classmates, and then very soon after that you tell them you are interested in

exploring dating men again. Can you tell us about that decision?

KF: Over the years as I’ve

gotten older, I’ve become a little bit more open. In my 20s, I was anti-man and

that sort of thing. I think men are great as people and beautiful as people. I

am physically way more drawn to women still and I know that I always will be,

but part of me doesn’t want to be so closed off — but I also can’t see myself

being with a man long-term. I don’t even feel like I’d be comfortable going on

a true date with a guy.

To be honest with you, it makes me a little

uncomfortable just to think about it, because it’s just so foreign. But it

makes me a little bit curious because it has been so long since I’ve been on a

date with a guy, so as I’ve gotten older I’ve gotten just really curious to see

what it would be like to go on a date with a guy. So that’s where that came


Coming out to my classmates on TV and finally

getting to come out to them 20 years after the fact was an amazing experience

for me, as far as that goes. It was like a huge weight was lifted off my

shoulders. It felt really, really good to be myself.

AE: Among your women classmates, was there anyone

whose reaction to your coming out really surprised you?

KF: You know what? Out of

all the women who were there who I confessed to or told my secret to, every

single one of them were completely supportive, excited actually, like "Oh,

really?" Very inquisitive. They were like, "Tell us about it."

It was funny because when everyone was talking

about their relationships, they were like, "My boyfriend does this, my

boyfriend does that," and I was like, "Yeah, I’ve been in a

relationship for the last five years." And they were like, "What does

he do?" And I’m thinking, "Why does it always have to be a he?"

I was like, "She,"

and they were like, "Whoa!" They were all surprised a little bit, but

not in a negative way.

It was very positive. Never once did I get a

negative response at all. Honest. It made me feel really comfortable the whole

show. It was nice.

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