Paula Marshall: perpetual guest star


I have a problem with Paula Marshall.

Well, actually, I have a problem

with directors and producers and casting directors who haven’t found

a way to put Marshall on the screen week after week. I want to see more

of her — in every sense of the phrase.

I had high hopes for Cupid,

a witty 1998 comedy starring Marshall and Jeremy Piven.

Maybe the show was ahead of

its time, but I thought it was brilliant. ABC, however, never gave

a time slot that would allow the show to find an audience.

If you missed Cupid, Alan Sepinwall’s “Strike Survival TV

Club” recently

the entire

series, complete with links to clips.

Next up for Marshall seemed

like a lesbian dream-come-true. Snoops starred Marshall and

Gina Gershon
as private detectives. Yummy. But, even with David

E. Kelley
at the helm, Snoops was canceled before Season

1 ended.

More recently, Marshall played

Regina, a lesbian E.R. doctor, on Out of Practice.

The role was notable in the

fact that the writers seldom resorted to stereotypical dyke jokes for

humor. And Marshall as a lesbian was a treat. But, again, the show was

canceled before its time.

Since then, we’ve seen Marshall

only in guest

: a guidance

counselor on Veronica Mars, a sex partner for Hank Moody (who

throws up on him) in Californication and a medical-soap-opera

actress who gets diarrhea in a hot tub on Nip/Tuck.

This week, TV Guide‘s

“Ausiello Report” posted news that Marshall will temporarily replace

Jeri Ryan on Shark, while Ryan is on maternity leave. Marshall

plays a state deputy attorney general, a role that might continue if

returns for another season.

Wait. Jeri Ryan and Paula Marshall

on the same series? I am so there.

What’s your favorite Paula

Marshall role? How do you think she’ll fit in with the cast of Shark?

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