“Women’s Murder Club”: not dead yet


A few days ago, things looked

pretty bleak for Women’s Murder


In fact, on Thursday the crew

started striking the set, according to Ask Ausiello. But yesterday, ABC announced that the drama has a new showrunner,

Robert Nathan
, and Murder Club could be back on the air by

April. Come on back, ladies.

The plan is to shoot three

new episodes this season — and ratings for those episodes will determine

whether we’ll have a second season of Women’s Murder Club. In

other words, if you like it, watch it. If you haven’t watched it, here

are four good reasons to start.

Angie Harmon

Paula Newsome

Aubrey Dollar

Laura Harris

The show had kind of a shaky

start, but it got better with each episode as it quit trying to be "Sex

and the Naked City" and found its own way. I’d like it more if

the women didn’t talk about man trouble while standing over a dead body,

but the stories are strong enough that I can tolerate the het girl talk.

And, of course, I can’t resist

a woman with a gun.

Hey, maybe that’s why Angie

Harmon is a Republican — because she knows she looks hot with a gun.

Makes as much sense as anything else.

Are you a Women’s Murder Club

fan? Will you watch the rest of the season?

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