The strike is over – so where’s my TV?


By the end of today, the writers’

strike should be officially over. I think we can all breathe a deep

sigh of relief that the nightmare scenario of MILF Island,

America’s Next Top Pirate
and Are You Smarter Than a Dog?

never came to fruition. Can I get a halle-freaking-lujah? Sure, the

strike’s end means we’ll no longer get to see adorable shots of

Tina Fey
and others on the picket line. But I’ll gladly sacrifice

a little photogenic solidarity for fresh episodes of my favorite shows.

Pending a final vote today from Writers Guild of America members, scripted

shows could begin production

. Of course,

now you’re all thinking, but when? When will my show be back?

Well, don’t get mad when

I tell you this, but you’re going to have to be a bit more patient. According to The

New York Times

it takes at least of four weeks to get a 30-minute comedy completed

from scratch and six to eight weeks for hour-long dramas. So that means,

realistically, it will be mid-March or early April when new

episodes start to flood the airwaves again. But they are coming. While

some shows have already abandoned the rest of their seasons, others will

be back for anywhere from four to ten new episodes.

The New York Times and TV Guide have made comprehensive lists of returning

shows. Let’s run through some of the

offerings together, shall we?

30 Rock:

Five to ten more shows to air April/May. Thank God; life without Liz Lemon

was one big blerg.

Battlestar Galactica:

The first half of the final season begins April 4. Production on the

second half could start in March, with an airdate not yet set.

Bionic Woman:

According to TV Guide, “No new episodes expected. Ever.” Oh,

Sarah Corvus, I think I’ll miss you most of all.


Four pre-strike episodes left; still unsure whether more will be shot

this season.


No new episodes until fall.


Four to nine new episodes will air March to May. But with no Jorja Fox,

what’s the point?

Dirty Sexy Money:

No new episodes to be filmed, though three still left to air. Has been

renewed for the fall.

Gossip Girl:

Five to six episodes to air April/May. Did you catch Tina Fey saying that she doesn’t watched the show

but that “the children on it are very beautiful”? Snicker.

Grey’s Anatomy:

Four to seven episodes to air April/May.

– gossip


Four to six more shots to air April/May. We can only hope Thirteen’s bisexuality returns after the writer’s strike

as well.


No new Sarah Shahi episodes until fall. Sniffle.


Six pre-strike eps left and six more could be shot this season.


The season finale airs Feb. 19. Season 6 should shoot this summer.

The Office:

Five to ten new episodes to air April/May.

Private Practice:

Could film new episodes for the spring, but will be back for sure in

the fall.

Pushing Daisies:

No new episodes until the fall. Sniffle redux.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor

Four pre-strike episodes left; future beyond that is

unclear. Except, of course, that the machines are coming to kill us


Ugly Betty:

Four to seven new episodes to air in April/May.

So, which shows are you most

looking forward to seeing again? How did the three-month strike change

your viewing habits, if at all? Did you possibly even —gulp — pick up

a book? Do tell.

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