“Strangers in Paradise” on TV: Showtime, pay attention


For years, Strangers in


have speculated about a movie or television series based on the adventures

— and love story — of Katchoo and Francine.

I didn’t really expect it to

happen, mainly because I couldn’t imagine a producer who could fully

appreciate the genius of Terry Moore‘s storytelling. But at last

weekend’s Xena convention, Steven Sears, who produced

Xena, announced that he and Moore are working together to bring a live action version of

SiP to television. Sounds like a match made in, well, paradise.

Sears and Moore got to know

each other after the SiP issue in which Francine and Katchoo appeared

as Xena and Gabrielle.

Once Moore finished the comic

series — marvelously,

I might add — he decided to get in touch with Sears and actively pursue making

a TV show. Of course, the writers’ strike has to end and they have to

find a studio and make a pilot and get the series picked up and other

minor details, but I can’t help being excited about the prospect. And

I can’t help imagining who will play Francine and Katchoo.

The character of Katchoo requires

a lot from an actress. Kat is at once dangerous and loveable, with a

quick temper and a huge heart.

I’ve always thought Lindsay

would be perfect, but unless Lohan gets her act together,

she won’t be doing much of anything. In the looks department, Carey

fits. But I haven’t seen her play anyone as rough around

the edges as Katchoo.

For now, I’m thinking Evan

Rachel Wood

Francine is more naïve, a

Southern girl with curves in all the right places and a tendency to

embarrass herself.

I can see Sarah Lancaster

as Francie, but she’s probably a bit too old. Maybe Mandy Moore

could go brunette and plump up a bit.

Of course, Strangers in

is chock full of other characters to cast: David, Casey,

Tambi/Bambi, Freddie and many more. As long as Terry stays involved

— and he will — I’ll probably be happy with anyone. Just as long as

Katchoo and Francine live happily ever after.

How about you? Are you happy

to see SiP TV? Who is your dream cast?

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