Look at moi! Selma Blair joins cast of “Kath and Kim”


For those of you not familiar with

the accent, that’s moi with an exaggerated Australian o

in the back of the throat, sort of a “mioye.” And here’s a

bit of wackiness that doesn’t need translation. A couple of months

ago, the linster

informed us

that the Australian comedy Kath and Kim will be remade by NBC

for U.S. audiences, with Molly Shannon starring as Kath.

Well, now she has her Kim. Meet the mother-daughter


You’re not imagining things.

That is Selma Blair. She’s just landed

the role

Kim. To put this in perspective, let’s take a look at the Australian


Even though I’ve been happily catching

up on the originals here, I’m sorry I’m going to miss the U.S.

debut. The weirdness of the pairing with Selma Blair is reason

enough to tune in, at least for a start. Originally, Joan Cusack

was set to play Kim. Picking Blair instead is taking, well, a slightly

different direction. I only hope she has the comedy chops to keep

up with Molly Shannon.

Like many of you who commented on the linster’s

post, I find it hard to wrap my brain around how this might translate to American

culture. Will the U.S. version attempt to capture the

self-deprecating silliness of the original? Or will NBC try to make it

fit the more typical sitcom format (especially since the main writer, Michelle Nader, is a King

of Queens
alum)? What I do know is that Shannon is one of

my all-time favorite funny women, so I’m ecstatic she will have her

own show. And I can get behind any female-oriented show on network TV. If it works.

Here’s a clip from the Australian series.



Yeah, I can see Molly Shannon in that hat.

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