“The L Word” Recaps: Episode 5.4 “Let’s Get This Party Started”


Tea for three — Alice serves coffee or tea or something while the boys talk business. I’m not happy that Alice has slipped into housewife mode at the slightest hint, but at least she’s not wearing the prairie wardrobe from last season. Or is she?

That confrontation at Beech’s house seems to have done the trick — he is suddenly on their side. And he’s sweet on Alice. When she steps out of the room, he tells Tasha that Alice is “smart, pretty and funny.”

Tasha can only shake her head at the weirdness of it all. Not to mention the abrupt change of heart, I’m sure.

Jenny’s boudoir — Jenny is trying to find something to wear to SheBar. Shane votes for the see-through number. How cute is Shane in this scene?

Jenny interrogates Adele for a while. Adele gives her a present from William. It’s a very expensive watch, and it includes a note in which William expresses his excitement about Niki Stevens. Hmm … was that note there originally, Adele? Can I get a handwriting sample? For that matter, who bought the present?

Jenny gets even more irritated when Adele tells her she “has to” go to the big SheBar party. How irritated? Well, yet another projectile piece of Nicorette finds its way out of her mouth and onto the carpet. Shane is befuddled.

Jenny: I need a moment.

Is there a warning on the package? “May cause sudden, inappropriate expectorating.”

Shane begs Jenny to go to Shebar. Jenny accuses Shane of “leering” and then exposes one of her own breasts and gives it a good squeeze. So weird. And so funny!

Kitty’s got a gun — This is like a parallel universe version of The Brave One: Kit is buying a gun. And what a cartoonish gun it is! It’s a .357 Magnum, which seems like overkill, and it also looks a lot like the one Pam Grier used in Sheba Baby.

Kit is a little nervous about the gun at first. But when she gives the trigger a test squeeze, she seems to transform fear into rage.

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