“The L Word” Recaps: Episode 5.4 “Let’s Get This Party Started”


More proof that Shane is a 14-year-old boy — It’s closing time at The Planet. Shane is mashing the buttons on her Nintendo DS, still seeking an outlet for her sexual frustration. Kit asks her whether she’s heard from Helena.

Shane: She told me to tell everyone not to worry about her.

Kit: Well, she must have a hidden treasure somewhere.

Shane: Nah, I don’t think so.

Wah. Come back, Helena!

Kit brings Shane some chocolate and they both agree that food is a good substitute for sex. Then Kit asks Shane what she’s playing.

Shane: I’m playing Lara Croft: Legend.

Kit: [peering over her shoulder] Oh, she’s a hottie.

Shane: That is not why I’m playing this game, Kit.

Kit: Mm-hmm.

Shane: I’m not!

Kit: Look how fast your thumbs are going.

And then Shane looks up at the cleaning crew and hallucinates them right into complete nudity.

Kit: Earth to Shane!

How silly. I’m glad Shane’s DS is white, though — so is mine, and I always think white is the uncool color. Because I, as an adult who plays video games, am obviously concerned about looking cool.

Captain Beech’s house — Tasha pounds on the door until Beech answers. He looks neat and tidy. I wonder if he re-gels his hair before he goes to bed?

Tasha screams at him for a while — not that I disagree with anything she’s saying — and then calms down when Beech’s wife comes to see what the fuss is about.

Tasha: Excuse me, ma’am. I’m sorry. I’m sorry to bust into your house like this without any warning. You’re not any part of this; you’re not even in the service. And it was wrong of me to disrupt your home and your family, and to probably frighten and confuse you. I hope I didn’t wake your son. Please forgive me.

That’s a very nice way to make a point. She turns and goes, with quiet conviction.

The next morning — As the sun sneaks into their bedroom, Alice begs Tasha to go to the secret star party with her. Tasha says she doesn’t want Alice to stop “living her life.”

Alice: Living my life would be living it with you. Come on, what’s the point of going to a secret love party without my secret love?

How infectious is Tasha’s laugh? And these two are, as always, adorable. But now I have “Secret Lovers” in my head.

Tasha: I definitely don’t want you to feel like because you’re with me, that your life is on trial.

No, but it is, though.

Suddenly there’s a knock on the door. Alice starts to freak out again, but Tasha lets Captain Beech in.

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