“The L Word” Recaps: Episode 5.4 “Let’s Get This Party Started”


Casting about — Aaron, Tina’s boss, is very happy with the idea of casting Niki (starlet No. 2, of the eager kissing and egregious emoting) as Jessie. Jenny does not approve.

Jenny: She looks like she just walked out of Maxim magazine.

Look, the feminist English major is still in there somewhere! Jenny still prefers the third candidate, slap-happy Luchi Santis.

Aaron: That girl is too weird; she’s too intense —

Jenny: That’s the character.

Way to embrace your weird intensity, Jenny!

Aaron and Tina refuse to cast Luchi because she’s “not f—able.” This makes Jenny cover her ears, which in turn makes me squeal with delight.

Jenny takes a piece of gum from Adele, who is dutifully taking notes. Jenny tells Adele to stop writing and get William on the phone. But Aaron and Tina insist that William loves Niki. Jenny finally has enough:

Jenny: [to Aaron] You got the f—in’ DGA card. Why don’t you direct the whole movie?

Aaron: Yeah, I’ll direct the movie. Why don’t you f—in’ pay for the movie?

In a fit of eloquence, Jenny spits her gum onto the conference table. Ha ha! Pardon me while I rewind to laugh at that a few more times.

It does get her point across, doesn’t it? And if people can “spit nails” in anger, why not gum?

As she exits, she tells Aaron he has a small dick. After she leaves, he wonders how she knows that.

Adele tries to assure Tina and Aaron that Jenny will come around — and explains that Jenny is quitting smoking, so she’s “really fragile” — but they don’t want to hear from Adele either. Jeez, the movie business is so dramatic!

And so is Adele’s mysterious Mona Lisa smile.

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