“The L Word” Recaps: Episode 5.4 “Let’s Get This Party Started”


Fort Pieszecki — Note to self: When the big scary men come to your door, do not let them in.

Apparently Alice did not get this memo.

She lets them in, and they proceed to scare the bejeezus out of her, homing in on the latest issue of Velvet Park and her copy of Gay L.A. She doesn’t say anything specific about Tasha, and eventually decides they should leave because they don’t have a search warrant. Better late than never, Alice!

Before they go, though, they look at the big whiteboard version of the Chart and wonder who “T” is. Alice insists that they leave immediately, but her freaked-out face has probably told them everything they need to know. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how adorkable you are in glasses.

Dean Porter’s office — Hey, is that a new painting on the wall behind your desk, Bette? I know you often convey messages with your choice of art — like that time you had a painting that said “so sorry so very sorry” after you slept with the carpenter — but I don’t know what to make of this one. A girl brushing a horse … are you longing for your halcyon youth in the English countryside? Oh, right; you grew up in Philly.

And you grew up very well.

A very agitated student, Lani Shipman, is complaining about a provocative student art piece that involved a soapstone gun. Provocative — remember the Provocations exhibit? This isn’t quite like that, but the student did hold the fake gun to his head as if to off himself in front of the class.

Hold on a minute: Lani Shipman is real?! Her name was bandied about last season, but I thought she was the art school version of Snuffleupagus. But it seems even Philistines like me can see her.

Bette assures Lani that she’ll talk to Professor Lerner about the incident. Oh, right — Professor Lerner is Jodi. Brilliant name, by the way; why not just call her Professor Teecher?

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