“The L Word” Recaps: Episode 5.4 “Let’s Get This Party Started”


The OurChart nerve center — Max and Grace are reading comments on Max’s blog.

Grace: You have 17 messages already.

Max: Oh, that’s nothing. I mean, Alice gets, like, 50 in the first hour that she posts.

Careful, Max — counting comments is like throwing acid on your self-esteem. Trust me.

Grace notices a particularly nasty comment from an OurChart user who wants Max to vacate the “lesbian space.” Max tries to focus on the educational aspect, but he’s a little wounded.

But forget all that: Why is Max wearing that scarf thingie? It looks more like something Maude would wear.

And just in case Max isn’t feeling like enough of an outcast already, Alice calls to scold him for blogging and podcasting in the first place.

Alice: Max, you invaded my space to put out your own agenda, and it wasn’t cool at all. But … here’s what I’ll do. You can blog once a week. I’ll put you in your own little box with the homepage — not with the guestbians —

Max: Why not with the guestbians?

Alice: Because it’s a lesbian site, Max. And I just don’t want to get bombarded with a bunch of dykes, you know, flipping out about this transgender thing.

Hold up. As the coiner of the term guestbian (and yes, back then it was spelled with a hyphen, but time marches on; remember when email was e-mail?), I hereby overrule her. I mean, I call every guest star on this show a guestbian, even male actors playing straight men. When did you get to be such an excluder, Alice?

On the other hand, I guess she’s focusing on crowd control. But that’s no excuse for her bad attitude toward Max this season.

Max says trans people shouldn’t be segregated. But before Alice can argue, she has matters of her own to deal with, in the form of two Army dudes walking steadily toward her.

A brief aside: In the last recap, I said, “Hi, Grace!” without mentioning her memorable sex scene with Max, so I feel compelled to bring it up now. I still think Grace is great and that scene was pretty hot, and I thought maybe these two were going to date for a while. I mean, Grace even met Max’s family! See how cute they were last season?

Oh, well. By the way, did you know there’s a movie called Max and Grace? The cast includes Natasha Lyonne, Rosanna Arquette and Karen Black. Clearly I should see it, and clearly two of those three should be guestbians on this show (since one already has).

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