“The L Word” Recaps: Episode 5.4 “Let’s Get This Party Started”


Defending themselves and attacking each other — Our heroines are taking a self-defense class. It seems impossible that we’ve never seen a self-defense class on this show before. I guess I must be thinking of every other show about women.

The class is a way for the group to support Kit, who was robbed at gunpoint in the last episode. Pam Grier has the moves down already, having learned them years ago for all those blaxploitation films.

The trainer works with Kit while the others watch. Shane and Jenny are kind of hanging out, not very eager to participate. I’m glad Jenny still gets invited to these group activities. And I guess this means she and Bette are at least able to be civil to each other now? They’ve made some progress since the season premiere.

Bette and Jodi are discussing the grand opening of SheBar, “L.A.’s first super-hot, girls-only club, straight out of Miami.” Jodi wants to check it out, but Bette thinks it will be boring. Alice seizes the opportunity to tease Shane.

Alice: Are you gonna go, Shane?

Shane: Uh, I don’t know; I haven’t decided yet.

Alice: Oh, come on — when’s the last time you missed a club opening?

Jenny: [flatly] It’s gonna be torture for her.

Shane: I never said that. I just said I haven’t decided yet, and that’s all.

Shane is trying to stay above it all, but she’s flustered and it’s very charming. I find funny Shane sexier than sexy Shane.

It seems Alice won’t be going to SheBar anyway, because “Tasha can’t be out in a lezzie bar.” Plus, Alice has been invited to some super-secret party for closeted stars. A big-shot entertainment lawyer named Barry Bird is hosting it. With a name like Barry Bird, he was destined to be part of the velvet mafia.

It’s time for the gang to line up and land some punches. The discussions continue as they put on their gloves and punching pads. Jodi the free spirit really wants to go to SheBar — but if she’s such a free spirit, how do you explain this line?

Jodi: I’ve never been to one of the L.A. lesbian clubs before.

I thought Jodi was one of those girls who get around — no monogamy, plenty of parties. Help me, Mama Chaiken: I’ve fallen into Inconsistent Character Land again and can’t get up!

Bette doesn’t want to go to a club that could take business away from The Planet. Kit insists there’s enough room for everybody and reminds them that it’s important to support women’s businesses. They stop chitchatting when the trainer says it’s time to hit and yell “No!”

Tina asks who owns SheBar.

Alice: It’s those girls from Miami. You know, they’re a couple — Dawn Denbo, Cindy something-or-other. They’re, like, infamous party girls.

Is this supposed to make us think of Girl Bar owners Robin Gans and Sandy Sachs — and also the dueling Dinah parties (with Kit standing in for Mariah Hanson)? Oh, wait, let me answer that for myself: Indeed, Sandy Sachs and Robin Gans occasionally “present” a dance night called She Bar — the next one is Feb. 9 in Los Angeles, and Brandi from A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila will be there. Whew; the connection is so subtle, I almost missed it!

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