“The L Word” Recaps: Episode 5.4 “Let’s Get This Party Started”


Boogie fever — On the dance floor, Max is doing one of those junior-high bouncing-in-place-with-stiff-arms dances, sort of like I did to “Who Can It Be Now?” and “Edge of Seventeen” back in the day. But Tom doesn’t seem to mind.

Nearby, Kit says she’s ready to go. Bette says she has to find Shane first. Hey, Bette has a cold — aww. She has also put her wristband (the VIP pass — thanks, DebbieH, for explaining its purpose!) around her glass, rather than on her wrist. That’s pretty smooth.

Bette wanders over to the VIP room but isn’t allowed to go in. So she saunters to a smaller bar off the main space — where Tina just happens to be trying to squeeze some advice from the lime at the bottom of her glass.

Bette enters the room quietly, seems to consider whether she should stay, then takes some tentative steps toward Tina. When Tina finally notices her, Bette waves in a sweet way — sweet and awkward.

Tina confesses that she’s hiding from Brenda because she “can’t keep up with her.” Bette takes a seat. Hey, doesn’t her hair look tons better in this scene?

Tina: This is … is so not my scene. Just, bars.

Bette: I know. It’s just …

Tina: You’re lucky. You are really lucky that you have Jodi.

Bette: Yeah. I really am.

Tina gets up to go, but Bette stops her.

And then they kiss.

Bette sobs, just for a moment, but long enough to break any nearby hearts wide open, mine included.

Next time on The L Word: Another party, this time at Chez Shenny; Cindy takes another lover; Bette and Tina face facts.

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