“The L Word” Recaps: Episode 5.4 “Let’s Get This Party Started”


The secret party — At the gate of an impressive mansion, Alice gives the password: “Aunt Sally.” At least it’s not “Fidelio.”

The public party — Bette, Jodi, Tom and Kit arrive at SheBar in Bette’s sensible car. Bette looks annoyed already. But she’s their ticket in. When they get to the door, Kit announces herself, but her name is not on the list. Luckily, someone important sees Bette and lets her in — with her plus-threes.

Whoa, look who’s shimmying on the dance floor: Grace! Hot.

Tina’s out there too, with the heart doctor. She waves when she sees the others. They all wave back, though from Bette it’s really more of a wince than a wave. Remember when Bette and Tina preferred their cloak of boringness to raucous parties?

The important person who let Bette and her crew in turns out to be one of their hosts:

Dawn: Hi, I’m Dawn Denbo. How’re you doing? This is my lover, Cindy. Welcome to SheBar.

Dawn is played by Elizabeth Keener, sister of Catherine. Can you see the resemblance, right down to the blondes on their arms?

Bette introduces everyone, and Dawn and Cindy assure Kit that they’re not trying to take any business away from her.

Dawn: It’s just that what we’re doing here is in another league entirely, you know what I mean?

Yeah, she does. And that’s what worries her.

Tina comes over to say hello and introduce everyone to Brenda.

As Bette and Brenda shake hands, Tina gives Bette an up-and-down look. It’s OK, Tina; I think I’m the only one who noticed.

Shane wanders into the fray.

Shane: Jesus Christ, it’s like South Beach threw up.

Dawn introduces herself and her lover.

Shane: Lover Cindy, how are you?


Dawn gives them all VIP passes but only has eyes for Shane.

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