“Cashmere Mafia” Recaps: Episode 1.3 “Dangerous Liaisons”


Finally — Caitlin sits in her office, stalling. She takes a deep breath and calls Alicia, who picks it up on the first ring and says brightly, “Hey, stranger!” Caitlin is happy because Alicia knew it was her. Alicia tells her not only does she have her number (and how), but she’s in her contact list.

There’s nothing better than knowing your name is in the phone of a woman you want. Or think you might want. No, you want, but you’re afraid.

Caitlin apologizes for not calling sooner; it’s been a little crazy. If only in her head.

Caitlin: I’m sorry, I just … I wasn’t sure. Not about you. Just, all of it.

Alicia: Caitlin, I saw the blog. Are you OK?

Yeah. Just kinda came out of left field … for me … all of this.

Alicia: Can we get together? Let’s meet tonight for a drink. We really need to talk.

Caitlin: Yeah. Some place dark would be good.

Not too dark, I hope.

Poor Caitlin. She was dating a guy who thought the only thing he was required to bring to their relationship was his penis. Then, she finds a woman who makes her go gooey inside and it ends up in the internet. Then, she grows a third eye. Talking would be good. A long weekend spent alone together would be even better. For all of us, that is.

The things you find on the internet — Later that night, Juliet and Davis learn they cannot protect their daughter from the evils of the world wide internet. Emily has stumbled onto RegretsOnly.com and reads the little ditty about her mom.

Emily: “Which red-headed Queen of Mean hotel exec leaves husband and daughter to fend for themselves while she builds vacation paradises for the idle rich? Much more to come on this.” Can that sound more like you?

Nope. Don’t think so. And since Leona Helmsley is dead, I would think a smart girl like Emily would see what’s right in front of her nose. Looks like selective blindness is hereditary on the mother’s side of the Draper family.

Davis has tickets to a play for everyone, so Juliet decides to spend quality time with them, instead of wrinkling the sheets with her yuck-buddy, Bobby. Bobby sits in his hotel room wondering why he’s putting up with all of this.

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