“Cashmere Mafia” Recaps: Episode 1.3 “Dangerous Liaisons”


Nice try — It’s quite late, and Juliet’s work is never done. Bountiful paycheck and fine dining aside, who would want this life? The work is dull, the hours are long, and the shoes are way too tight.

An assistant tells Juliet that Davis is loitering in her office, something he rarely does.

Davis says he wants to take her out to dinner before their daughter Emily’s school thing. Juliet is not feeling lovey-dovey enough to move things around just to eat dinner with a cheater. He suggests some take-out falafel, like the old days. “You have to stop trying to make historical re-enactments of when we were good. It is what it is,” she says.

Davis has been cheating on Juliet for so long, he’s going to need a tri-corner hat for that historical re-enactment.

Juliet then tells him, with a smug smile, that she wants Cilla Grey’s phone number. Davis can feel Juliet’s vise-like grip around his you-know-whats, even from across the room. He nervously asks why she wants that phone number. Juliet replies slyly, “Why don’t we leave you out of this, for once.”

Cilla is strolling down Madison Avenue when she gets the call from Juliet.

After some catty pleasantries, they set a date to meet for coffee.

Juliet: How do you take your coffee? My treat.

Cilla: Light, no arsenic.

Juliet: I’m looking forward to it, darling.

Juliet’s agenda is known only to Juliet, but I think it involves some bitch slappin’.

To serve man — Todd reports to Mia’s office, as ordered, to defend the magazine cover as only a straight man can.

Mia: Why is there a man about to be eaten by a woman on the cover of my magazine?

Todd: It’s the zeitgeist. Female execs are taking over. Movie studios, Silicon Valley, maybe our next president, God help us. The whole paradigm is flipped. Men are holding on for dear life. They want help.

Mia: I’m sure they do. And I get [that] controversy sells, but honestly? Corporate women are faceless cannibals? Who thinks like that?

Todd: Men.

Dear gad, someone hold a benefit for them right now!

Mia: Really? So this is how you see me? Am I eating you alive?

Todd: No, although other men might. Let’s say, Jack.

Mia: Why would we say that?

Todd tells Mia this was Jack’s idea, his last cover before leaving. A lovely parting gift of sorts. Todd thought Mia knew about it until Mia admits she hasn’t really talked to Jack-ass.

They agree to never mention Jack’s name again. Or rather, Mia tells Todd to stop talking about him. That’s the new zeitgeist, Curly.

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