A little ditty about Diane and Diane


In my mind, there are few better

ways to wake up than with Diane Keaton

talking about full lips and dropping f-bombs. Good Morning America,

indeed. The Oscar-winning actress stopped by the ABC morning show yesterday

to chat about her upcoming film Mad Money (costarring Katie Holmes

and Queen Latifah).

But it soon became abundantly

clear that Keaton only has eyes for Diane Sawyer:

“I want to talk about you,

because, no I am serious. I was looking at you on television and I honestly

do not understand why more hasn’t been made about how beautiful you

are. Because you are a beautiful woman. And I am not kidding you for

one minute.”

I love Diane Keaton, and I am

not kidding you for one minute either. And I also kinda love Diane Sawyer’s

killer do-me boots. Meow.

Not content to leave her compliment

unelaborated, Keaton went on to explain exactly what she liked most

about Sawyer:

“Those lips, I mean, I love

them. I’d like to have lips like that. Then I wouldn’t have worked

on my f—— personality. Excuse me, my personality. If I had lips

like yours, I’d be better off. My life would be better. I’d

be married. But not with these thin little skinny lips, what am I going

to do?”

Now, most news outlets latched onto the

f-bomb story

it aired uncensored in the live East Coast feed. But the cursing was

just the icing; the real cake was the flirty, fawny exchange between

Keaton and Sawyer. I could watch that all day. And by “can,” I

mean “have.” You tell me: Do you think Sawyer was blushing a little


Watch the whole interview and

judge for yourself.



While I’m still not totally

convinced I should see Mad Money, I am convinced that if

I should ever be lucky enough to interview Diane Keaton, I plan to

wear lipstick. Lots and lots of lipstick.

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