TV alerts: “American Idol,” Rosie on “Nip/Tuck”


Has Nip/Tuck been on lately? I feel like I haven’t seen it in weeks. But I can’t say I’ve missed it, really; I still haven’t recovered from the hot tub thing. Poor Paula Marshall.

Anyway, Rosie O’Donnell returns tonight as Dawn Budge, and this time she’s giving orders on Sean and Christian’s TV show. Should be fun.

Meanwhile, American Idol is back tonight at 87c on Fox. Are you ready? Or maybe the better question is, are you even going to bother to watch? Last season I swore I’d never watch again if Melinda Doolittle didn’t win, but I think we all know I was just posturing. The show always draws me in — plus, it could be the best thing on TV during the writers’ strike.

I’m also hoping against hope that there will be an openly lesbian contestant this year. I mean, it’s Season 7. Seven seasons without one out lesbian? That’s not reality TV — that’s the most unrealistic thing I’ve ever heard. And I don’t want a she-must-be-gay contestant like Briana Ramirez-Rial (or even the much-rumored Kelly Clarkson). I’m looking for the next big lesbian singer-songwriter-superstar. (Hey, there’s an idea for a show.) has a preview of the season and a whole section devoted to the Idol. For those of you who (like my girlfriend) would rather skip the public humiliation that is the national tryouts, you don’t need to tune in until Feb. 12, when the Hollywood round begins.

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