The future is now for “The Sarah Connor Chronicles”


Come with me if you want to

live. Sorry, I didn’t mean to get all dramatic. But with all my favorite

shows in or entering repeats, you can understand why Sunday’s premiere

of the Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

has me all excited about taking back the future from the endless reality

wasteland we’re about to enter. Well, that and the presence of

Lena Headey, Summer Glau and some really big guns.

The much anticipated, much

drooled-over two-night premiere airs Sunday and Monday on Fox. Since

I missed the Yahoo! TV stream of the pilot last week (vacation makes

you do the wacky, like not log on to your computer for days at a time),

I’m looking forward to it with the proverbial bated breath. Though after

looking at Summer, Lena and Lena’s mischievously cocked eyebrow at

the premiere party this week, I think I may have stopped breathing altogether.

The reasons I’ll be watching

are obvious: Lena, Summer, guns, explosions, fights, killer machines

from the future hell-bent on destroying the world as we know it. You

know, girlie stuff.

With the giant sucking sound

that was Bionic Woman now a distant, distasteful memory, the

Sarah Connor Chronicles
is our last hope for a strong female sci-fi

savior this season. Heck, it might even deliver two. I know one of them

is a robot, but let’s not get hung up on the details, OK?

Fox has hyped the show relentlessly,

both on TV and online. I can’t count the number of promos I‘ve seen.

But there’s always room for one more, right?



Instead of yammering on

further, I’ll let Lena and Summer do the talking.

First Lena, since this will be one of our only chances to hear her delicious

English accent.



And now Summer. That scar she mentions came from an on-set injury at a shooting

range when a shell fell back and burned her face. Uh, ow.



Although I liked the films, not

to mention Linda Hamilton’s one-armed shotgun pumping, I think

I’m even more excited about the TV series because — let’s face

it — not too many action flicks feature a female lead, let alone two.

Now, after all the promos, previews,

interviews and hype, it’s finally time for this puppy to deliver.

So, who’s coming with me?

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