TV alerts: “30 Rock, “Ugly Betty,” “Bad Girls” and more


As Joan Jett sings, “You don’t know what you got till it’s gone.” That’s how I’ve been feeling about TV lately — new episodes seem so very precious because you know each one could be your last.

Yes, I’m exaggerating, and even if there were no strike, I’d be eagerly anticipating 30 Rock. Tonight, Edie Falco makes her last appearance as Jack’s Democratic dish.

Meanwhile, on Ugly Betty, “real women” take to the runway and Annie Potts (Designing Women) plays a psychic.

If you prefer reality TV, tonight offers two of the best (or is that worst?) products of our famous-for-being-famous culture: Celebrity Apprentice (NBC, 9/8c) and Celebrity Rehab (VH1, 10/9c). The former features Marilu Henner, while the latter has Brigitte Nielsen. Mary Jo Shively, Elaine from Taxi and Red Sonja all in one night? I’m having a hardcore ’80s flashback!

But the biggest news of all (at least to those of us who are fond of British accents and girls behind bars) is that season/series 4 of Bad Girls starts tonight on Logo. No Nikki, no Helen, but still a lot to see — especially yummy Yvonne.

If you need to catch up on the Yvonne story line or anything else, try the Bad Girls “fast forward” videos on the Logo website.

Oh, and here’s that Joan Jett song I mentioned (apologies for the poor quality):



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