TV alerts: “Cashmere Mafia,” movie myths


Tonight at 10/9c, Cashmere Mafia takes its regular spot on ABC. Early numbers aren’t great, but let’s hope viewers give the show a second chance so we can see how Caitlin’s story line turns out. (What I really mean is “more kissing, please.”)

If you missed the first episode, read bad machine’s hilarious recap. Here’s one of my favorite bits, about Mia’s engagement:

I can see her being that kind of newlywed: the woman who can’t resist inserting the word “husband” into every sentence she utters for the entire first year of marriage. It’s a common heterosexual woman’s form of Tourette’s, but without the amusing shock value.

If mythical New York isn’t your thing, try MythBusters on the Discovery Channel at 9/8c. It’s a repeat, but a good one: The crew tests various movie myths, like crazy car jumps and shooting a padlock open. All the research you need for your weekend Thelma and Louise reenactment!

Side note: While doing some Googling for this post, I found this FHM photo of mythbuster Kari Byron. Eww.

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