“The Office”: live onstage this weekend


OK, it’s not really The

live onstage. But if you’re in Los Angeles this weekend,

you can catch the cabaret debut of Melora Hardin, otherwise

known as Jan on The Office.

And here she is as Jan.

She’ll be performing at the Catalina Jazz Club tonight, tomorrow and Sunday, and

will be singing a mixture of jazz and Broadway standards, as well as some

of her own songs. (I’m particularly interested in her song titled “A

Boy and His Cat.”)

Although best known for her

role on The Office, Hardin has a long career in television. She began working as

a child actress in the late ’70s and accrued all the standard credits:

The Love Boat
, Diff’rent Strokes, Little House on the

and, of course, an ABC Afterschool


And look how cute she was as a kid actor.

If you want to catch her this

weekend, you can get more information here or at the Catalina Jazz Club website. If you’d rather just watch

a clip of her expressing her desire for Michael on The Office, you can watch a clip here.

If you do see Melora’s show, please report

back! Of course, now I’m completely

fixated on the idea of The Office: Live Onstage! In the early

’90s, I saw two productions of the The Real Live

Brady Bunch

— staged recreations of Brady Bunch

episodes. (The two I saw were the “Romeo and Juliet” and “Oh,

My Nose” episodes. Brilliant. Brilliant, I say.) So much could be

done with The Office. It boggles the mind, really.

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