Interview With Leisha Hailey and Kate Moennig


AE: It’s interesting that they’re going to do this thing again with another straight love interest for Shane —

But she’s different though. This straight girl isn’t the stereotypical straight girl. What I like about how they’ve written this character and the actor who’s playing it is that she’s very dry and sarcastic and witty, and she doesn’t give it up right away and she’s tough. She’s a strong character.

LH: She’s different.

KM: Yeah, she’s different. I think they kinda connect on a sarcastic level at first because this girl is so witty, and that’s always so attractive.

LH: And it reminds you a lot of Alice, who you’re really attracted to.

KM: Because you know that in Season 19, Alice and Shane get together.

AE: Do you know if there will be a Season 6 yet?

No, but Showtime’s never gone beyond five seasons.

KM: No, but they haven’t announced that it hasn’t been renewed yet, either.

AE: You don’t often see characters that are butch or androgynous portrayed as sexy or desirable. [to Kate] Do you get a lot of feedback from your fans, particularly with your character, about butch being hot for a change?

I don’t think of Shane as being butch.

AE: Or androgynous?

I never related to her as being butch, ever. If they looked at her as being butch because she slept with a lot of women, then OK. But I never thought of her that way.

AE: So if you see her as androgynous, do you see someone like Tasha as being more of a butch character, then?

Yeah, I think so. I never thought Shane was a butch. Actually, I don’t like it when she’s called that. I just think it’s such an obvious stereotype to throw her into and it’s not true at all. But androgynous, yeah.

This show is all about fashion. This is part of the complaint and part of the love for the show. The show is very fashion forward, and all of the characters look fabulous. Even if the character doesn’t have a job, they look fabulous. They’re still wearing an expensive dress or expensive jacket or shoes — which you never see because they never shoot below the waist, so you would never guess about the shoes.

So the show is fashion forward, and that’s what makes it so exciting is that it took all of these stereotypes that people had out of the box and expanded them. That’s why I think that not only the gay community — but I hear this from other communities too — they think it’s so fun because we’re not playing a stereotype. And I think it has a lot to do with style and the aesthetic they’re going for with how we all dress, and more so as each season goes on. I think it’s all based on fashion.

AE: [to Hailey] Do you know when Uh Huh Her’s full-length CD will be coming out?

Well, I know that we’re going to be writing it over the winter, and we’re shopping for a record deal as well.

AE: And your tour starts soon too?

Yes, the dates are on our MySpace page.

AE: I love what I’ve heard, it reminds me of old Cocteau Twins.

That’s what everybody says! And guess what? I didn’t even know who they were, either.

AE: [to Moennig] Can you tell me a little about your new film, Remorse?

It’s being shot in Philly, which is where I’m from, so I’m excited to do it. It’s one of those psychological thrillers, and I always secretly had a thing for those kinds of films, so I’m happy to —

LH: Kate makes me watch horror flicks all the time. It’s all she wants to do.

KM: So I get to be scared and run around in a dark house, and maybe possibly scream.

LH: I could do that with you. I mean, just in life [laughs].

AE: Well, thank you both for taking the time to talk to us.

LH and KM:
Thank you!

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