Interview With Leisha Hailey and Kate Moennig


AE: They want those two characters to get together?

Yeah, from what I gather. Mia and I are like, “People seem to like our characters together.” And I like our character together.

LH: [messing with Kate’s hair] I just found a gray hair.

KM: There’s more of those where that one came from, trust me.

LH: I like those two together, they’re cute together.

AE: The development of that friendship was very sweet. It humanized them both.

I think so, too. And it was one of the few times where a type of relationship really took its time to grow.

LH: I agree.

AE: What can you tell me about what’s coming up in the next season?

Well, I deal with Tasha’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell problem. I’m really like the supportive partner in that whole story line. Even though Alice doesn’t understand the military whatsoever, she wants to be there for Tasha. So I really go through that giant arc for her. There’s a lot of drama involved in it. It’s hard on the relationship. It’s really hard.

There’s also times where the whole closeted problem gets in the way. I kind of contradict myself … Alice says one thing and she does another.

AE: Which is interesting because her character has always been so defiantly out.

Exactly! And it puts her in a situation work-wise. It’s a really good story.

KM: I am back to my wild ways. I think they realized that the whole mother with a kid thing didn’t really pan out. So she’s back to her ways and then she meets a girl —

LH: You slut it up and then you meet a girl!

KM: Yeah, I meet a girl and she turns out to be straight, and there’s a whole straight thing and her psychosis in it. But Shane’s like Where’s Waldo this year. She’s popping up everywhere and she’s just out to have a good time —

LH: Between legs [laughs].

KM: There’s no depression this year. Finally, she’s come out from the grave and she’s back to herself again.

AE: Will we see any old flames resurface?

Sadly, no.

AE: No Cherie Jaffe?

I wish, but no. That was my favorite relationship actually, because I think Rosanna [Arquette] is a lot of fun to work with. She’s a free spirit, and she’ll go wherever she needs to go to make the scene work. And I thought that their relationship was so f—ed up that it made it so much fun to play because it was so dysfunctional. It could go in any direction. I never get any enjoyment out of those sweet, domestic …

AE: The ’50s fantasy sequence?

Oh my God, right! I mean that was fun to shoot, but to do that would just drive me crazy.

LH: I have to clarify something. That whole closeted thing, it’s not Alice being closeted, it’s about someone else.

KM: I never know what to say, what’s spoiling and what isn’t.

AE: How far in advance do you know what’s going to happen with your characters?

We know the first six episodes, because they pan out the first six.

LH: And then you have a basic idea of what’s going to happen. But a lot of times it can change.

KM: They want to see how the dynamics between the actors are and how the relationships work, and if it pops they’ll keep going with it. But if an original idea doesn’t work between two characters, then they’ll chop it out —

LH: Not always.

KM: Well, they have. They’ve kind of dwindled certain story lines down that were originally going to be more prominent.

LH: But they’ve kept ones that don’t work, too.

KM: Well, yeah, mistakes have been made. But for the most part they’re pretty clear on the first six and then they just build from there. So the last six are kind of a free-for-all; you never really know what’s going to happen.

LH: It’s interesting. It keeps it fresh for us, too.

KM: And it also allows us to come in with our own ideas.

LH: To say I really like where this is going, I’m having a lot of fun and I really like this person.

AE: Was there a particular story line or character that got beefed up because it was working so well for one of you?

I think Tasha and Alice did.

KM: I think Carmen and Shane did also. I never knew how long Carmen was going to stick around for, but because people responded to it so well, they just kinda went for it.

LH: But it also can be an idea that they love, that has nothing to do with us.

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