Interview With Leisha Hailey and Kate Moennig


AE: Since you mentioned Dana, what did you two think of her being killed off, and the end of that relationship?

Well of course we — Kate and I — were best friends with her [Erin Daniels], and still are.

KM: We were devastated.

LH: Actually, when Erin called me I thought she was kidding. Because we had this joke about who’s getting fired at the end of every season. And then she said: “It happened. They’re killing me.”

KM: When she told me, I told her that I thought it sounded like such a great story point, and then [laughs] I kinda realized what it actually meant. I thought, that’s OK, you’ll get to do a great death scene.

LH: Yeah, but I get their point, I get what they were trying to say. Because if they had killed a character that people didn’t necessarily love, it wouldn’t have had as big of an impact. And that happens in life. You can be shocked by the people who terrible things happen to sometimes.

KM: On a personal level, because we shoot where we shoot and we only have each other, we hated it. We were so upset because that was our good friend.

LH: We still do. We still say, “God I miss Erin!”

KM: We do. We say that every year since she left, we always say how much we miss her. She was an original. She’s Erin, she’s the one and only. That’s one of the greatest girls in the world.

AE: You’ve both played very different relationships — Tasha and Alice versus Dana and Alice, then Shane and Carmen versus Paige and Shane — did you have a favorite?

I don’t really have a favorite. Obviously I loved working with Erin so much, but I love working with Rose so much. I think of the characters, and I think that Alice and Dana were better together, and when I look at Tasha and Alice, it doesn’t really make sense to me a lot. So I look at it from that point of view.

KM: [with sarcasm] I thought the Shane and Paige relationship really popped [laughs].

No, I mean I spent more time with Sarah and I got to know Sarah very, very well. And her and I worked really well together. And the Paige thing … I understand why Ilene would create that story line. I think it’s like one of those things that happens in your life that’s just a middle ground stopping point before you carry on to the things that are really important. I knew from the beginning —

LH: You guys weren’t gonna walk into the sunset together.

KM: Yeah, we were never gonna walk into the sunset, and I knew it. It was obvious. So I’d have to say Carmen, only because I got to know Sarah over two years and she was so much fun.

AE: You guys had a lot of chemistry.

It’s so funny because Sarah and I … we got along really well on set, but we never hung out off set. She was always doing her thing —

LH: Working out her butt [laughs].

KM: She was working out her butt or she was with her boyfriend. So when we came on set we just worked well, and I think it’s because we both liked to get through the day pretty quickly. We used to say, “Don’t f— up!” “No, you don’t f— up!” Because we both have flights to catch back to L.A. So let’s go!

AE: [to Hailey] You were saying that the Alice and Tasha relationship didn’t make as much sense to you. What do you mean by that?

Well, I think at the beginning the whole opposites attract idea was great because that does happen and it’s pretty fascinating. But then there’s a point where it can take a dark turn, and it’s like maybe our differences are getting in the way and it doesn’t work out so well.

So I still want Alice to find the perfect girl for her ever since Dana died. I’m looking for that. [to Kate] What do you think? Is there a chance this year?

KM: With you? We’ll see. I don’t know yet. I like the idea, but I’m not 100 percent sold on it.

AE: You say “the perfect girl.” In the first couple of seasons, Alice’s bisexuality was emphasized much more —

Is she bisexual? I didn’t remember that! [laughs]

AE: But now, you think she’s looking for a girl?

Yeah, I think so. But you know, it’s not up to me if they don’t wanna play the guy thing. I can’t help that. Maybe that perfect guy would be out there, you never know. I just kinda forgot about that. I’ve been trained to forget [laughs].

AE: Well, they had your character take that turn, then Tina —

Right, and Alice didn’t like watching that.

KM: What did Tina do?

LH: With Henry …

AE: And there’s still a huge contingency that want Tina back with Bette, no matter what.

Ya think?

KM: What do they call them? T Bette-ers?

LH: Ti-Bette-ers.

KM: And there’s ShEnny, for Shane and Jenny. I’m a big fan of ShEnny.

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