scribegrrrl’s Top 13 “L Word” Season 5 Spoilers


Can’t wait till Sunday night to get your L Word fix? Wish you had an inkling about what will befall your favorite TV lesbians? Here are scribegrrrl’s 13 tantalizing hints about what you can expect on the upcoming fifth season of The L Word.

Warning: Spoiler-ish!

1. Introducing Jenny 5.0 — now with even more obnoxious diva! As a director captivated by the star of her own film, she is narcissism made flesh.

2. Jodi grows weary of Bette‘s control-freaky ways. But Tina secretly misses them. Or does she? Still uncertain, she undertakes some field research with great gusto.

3. Phyllis learns the lesbian lingo, with lovelorn lawyer Joyce playing both mentor and mentee.

4. Jailbird Helena drops the soap. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing — though Mummy Peabody (who is now some sort of pod person) begs to differ.

5. Two new characters introduce themselves to our heroines: “Hi, I’m Dawn, this is my lover Cindy, and we’re here to [clap] f— you up.”

6. Tasha must choose between love and duty, with Colonel Gillian Davis (Kelly McGillis) looking over her shoulder. But should the colonel be watching her own back?

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