“Lost” season 4 trailer


Last week, ABC announced that Lost will return Jan. 31, airing Thursdays at 9 (yes, that’s currently Grey’s Anatomy‘s spot, but new episodes of Grey‘s will soon run out because of the writers’ strike). Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof considers the time change a great move because it means the show won’t have to compete with American Idol.

Here’s a new trailer for the fourth season — this one is a little longer than the teaser released last week:

I know many viewers gave up on Lost last season (or maybe way before that), but I’m still watching. And considering the imminent dearth of well-written TV, it looks even more appealing. The trailer is obviously intended to inspire questions, like who dies? Who makes it home? Is it better to stay on the island or flee? Most important, why such brief glimpses of Elizabeth Mitchell?

Executive producer Carlton Cuse promises answers this year: The first half of the season will set up some mysteries, but the second half will tie up all the loose threads. Cuse knows that some fans think the question-to-answer ration has been way off:

“The audience just needs to be warned,” Cuse said. “There’s a very cool cliffhanger at the end of the eighth episode. But most of the major questions were designed to get answered at the second half of the season. The whole idea that we’re actually looking forward as well as looking back is something we’re very excited about as storytellers. But there is a fear that if the strike continues and we’re not able to complete the season, that people might feel a little frustrated because those eight episodes aren’t conclusive.”

And it’s true that Lost fans are downright rabid. You can peruse a Lost wiki, read a slew of message boards, and boggle your mind with sites that ponder those puzzling numbers.

I’m not into all of that, but I wouldn’t say no to a Dharma Rubik’s Cube this holiday season.

There’s also a Kate action figure.

And a Sun action figure.

Again, where’s Juliet? How am I supposed to act out a three-way without a Juliet action figure?

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