Presidential TV habits – what, no “L Word”?


Presidential candidates are

just like us! They like to sack out in front of the TV with a bag of

Cheetos and the remote, too. Or, well, so they told

TV Guide

earlier this month. Several of the top presidential contenders, both

Democratic and Republican, shared their tube-time schedules. The answers

weren’t too surprising. Familiar favorites, family fare and the like.

So in the interest of broadening their horizons, I’ve compiled a list

of their current TV habits and shows they should consider checking out. I consider

it my patriotic duty to get them matched up with the right programs.

Hillary Clinton

Does Watch: HGTV makeover

shows, American Idol,

Grey’s Anatomy
, Dancing With the Stars

and her all-time TV favorite, The Ed Sullivan Show.

Should Watch: Wonder

. Breaking glass ceilings and traveling in glass jets. It’s

the perfect preparation for a spin on Air Force One — again. Plus, what

president couldn’t use that Golden Lasso?

Barack Obama

Does Watch: SpongeBob

and his all-time favorites, M*A*S*H and The


Should Watch: Dude,

she is standing right there next to you. Don’t make Oprah angry;

you wouldn’t like her when she’s angry.

John Edwards

Does Watch: Boston

and his guilty pleasure, “Fred Thompson

on Law & Order.”

Should Watch: I like

John, but I can’t be the only one who thinks he is a doppelganger for

Robin, right?

Dennis Kucinich

Does Watch: The Colbert

Report, The Daily Show
, The Tonight Show, Late Show

and Saturday Night Live — and he doesn’t even mind being the butt of

their punch lines. “I take what I do seriously, but I don’t take myself


Should Watch: The

. Hey, that’s not a slam. It’s a how-to guide for navigating

the world when you’re vertically challenged.

John McCain

Does Watch: Prison

, “because, as a fellow prisoner, I always dreamed and plotted

how I would break out of the Hanoi Hilton.”

Should Watch: Sesame

, because he has seemed extra Oscar-the-Grouch-ish lately and

looks like he could use a sunny day or two.

Fred Thompson

Does Watch: SportsCenter,

because he needs to “to stay up on my Titans, Vols, Vanderbilt and,

of course, my Memphis Tigers.”

Should Watch: Law

& Order
, because that’s where we wish he would have stayed.

Mitt Romney

Does Watch:


Should Watch: Big

(sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

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