Favorite female geeks: Who’s the geekiest of 2007?


I’m a geek worshipper. It’s really a form of positive self-esteem,

since I am kind of a geek myself. I always love to find women in entertainment

who seem to be geeks, not only in the characters they play, but also

in real life. GeekSugar.com shares that sentiment and has kicked off a poll of the most popular female geeks of


First candidate: Mary Lynn

, Chloe O’Brian on 24.

The pictures are from her spread in Geek Monthly earlier this year. Although Chloe

is an übergeek on 24, always able to hack into secret data just

in time to save Jack’s life, Rajskub herself is not too technically savvy. But in my opinion, she has geek cred

because she does things like appear as a troubadour on Gilmore Girls

and volunteer for the Young Storytellers

. I do have

one geekish issue with Chloe & company, though. Are we really supposed

to believe that a government agency is smart enough to use Macs?

Next candidate: Jenna Fischer,

Pam Beesly on The Office.

Her April Wired cover

certainly got our attention this year. And interviews with Fischer

reveal that she’s as smart and funny in real life as she is as Pam.

She also posts regularly on her myspace blog. True, she may be in better shape

than standard-issue geeks — she broke her back in four places in May

and was back on The Office set 12 weeks later. But no complaints


Third candidate: Tina Fey,

Liz Lemon on 30 Rock.

OK, I know — AfterEllen.com

bloggers have a hard time not writing about Tina Fey. But honest, this is GeekSugar.com’s

poll, not mine. And you have to admit, Fey is a big reason why geek

is chic. But since Dorothy Snarker treated us to a Tina Fey post chock

full of adorable pictures just yesterday, I’ll restrain myself from

prattling on and give you the link. If you’ve read it, read it again.

Because the only thing almost as adorable as Tina Fey is Dorothy Snarker

writing about Tina Fey.

Final candidate: Kristen

, Elle Bishop on Heroes.

We miss Veronica Mars, where Kristen Bell got her geek credentials.

And although her techie ways continue in Heroes as a Company

agent with the power to generate and manipulate electricity, Elle’s

mental instability causes me not to want to classify the role as True

Geek. Bell did, however, earn a permanent place in the hearts of gamer

geeks by lending her likeness and voice as a character in Assassin’s Creed. Here’s Bell beside her digitized

version. Creepy.

Who’s missing? Katee Sackhoff,

for one.

Sackhoff’s characters couldn’t

get much geekier — Starbuck in Battlestar Galactica and Sarah

Corvus in Bionic Woman. She also voiced a female marine in

Halo 3. Sackhoff herself is a self-professed Star Trek addict, an important

part of the Geek Code. One of my favorite Sackhoff facts

is that she quit smoking because of fan mail from young girls who wanted

to grow up to be like Starbuck. Sounds pretty smart to me.

I’d also put Emma Watson, aka Hermione, in the running.

Watson has admitted that she

is quite a bit like her Harry Potter character. And this year,

in an interview with


Watson said that she’s pleased that Hermione was proud of her brains

and never dumbed herself down to be accepted. Watson is intelligent

enough to keep both feet on the ground despite her early stardom. In

fact, she considered leaving the part

of Hermione behind

in order to focus on her education. I’m glad she found a way to do both.

Who else should be on this

poll of favorite female geeks of 2007? And who is No. 1 for you?