Glen Hanson illustrates a delightful 2008


The ever vigilant folks at Whedonesque alerted us to a very cool promotional

from Toronto

illustrator Glen

— and it

can be yours for the price of postage. You might want to hurry, though.

I’d be surprised if he’s prepared for the PR this piece is getting,

thanks in large part to September’s calendar girl.

Hanson has designed characters

for shows like Daria and Beetlejuice and illustrates for

just about every popular magazine you can name. And some of our favorite

celebrities — Mary Tyler Moore, Carol Burnett and Rosie O’Donnell,

for instance — have original caricatures that Glen did for them. Oh,

and he also co-created the comic strip "Chelsea Boys," a Lambda Literary Award nominee.

Buffy is just one of the wonderful

caricatures in this calendar. The year starts with a whimsical family

portrait from one of the best shows ever.

A hot superhero quite appropriately

watches over July.

And December is the month of


Details on how to get your

copy of the calendar are at Hanson’s website. Be sure to tell him

sent you. After browsing his site, I think he might be expecting us.

This illustration, which is not a part of the calendar, had to be created

just for us. Thanks, Glen.

What’s your favorite Hanson

caricature? Any suggestions for his next calendar?

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