Will you follow the “Tin Man” down the new yellow brick road?


As a lover of The Wizard of Oz , not to mention a fan of the name Dorothy, I’ve been following news about the story’s “bold reimagining” in the miniseries Tin Man with some interest. The six-hour Sci Fi Channel event premieres Sunday and will run two hours each night until its conclusion Tuesday. Still, as much as I enjoy all things Oz, I’m not sure if I’m going to watch.

For starters, it’s six hours. In six hours I could watch half a season of 30 Rock. I’m just saying, priorities. And then there is the “bold reimagining” stuff. Labeling an adaptation as such practically screams, “We’ve really screwed with this story you love, so please don’t hate us. M’kay?” Or maybe I’m just being sensitive. But parallel universes, holographic time loops and Richard Dreyfuss? This is a very new road.

Of course, there are also plenty of reasons to watch. And one of the biggest is its star, Zooey Deschanel. As DG, Zooey is supposed to be a edgier, cooler, more motorcycle-riding version of Ms. Gale. The actress brings an interesting mix of doe-eyed innocence and hipster quirkiness to the part. Plus, she’s just as cute as a button on a checkered gingham apron.

Apparently, she also has got some strong magic mojo working. Well, I guess since she doesn’t sing in the movie, they had to give her something to do.

But Zooey isn’t the only reason to watch. The revamped, vampier wicked witch, now named Azkadellia, looks intriguing, too. Played by Kathleen Robertson, this sexy sorceress appears to shop at Dominatrix-R-Us. Trading a broom for bondage gear? These producers are crazy like a fox, I tell ya.

Azkadellia is decidedly less green and possibly more evil than the original wicked one. And she is certainly easier on the eyes.

The rest of the cast — Alan Cumming as Glitch (the Scarecrow), Raoul Trujillo as Raw (the Cowardly Lion) and Neal McDonough as Cain (the Tin Man) — also look promising, as does the overall look of the series. It’s like Metropolis meets Carnivàle meets Flash Gordon.


So, will you be watching? Do you like when filmmakers boldly reimagine the classics? Or would you rather they not go down that yellow brick road?

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