“The Facts of Life:” non-lesbian lesbian fun in any language


Post-holiday work weeks are

tough, so here’s a bit of silliness to help get you to Friday, featuring

one of my favorite ’80s TV shows.

Something Old, Nothing

recently posted

some Italian-dubbed theme songs, including this Facts of Life




Now, if you’re like me, your

first question is, “Where’s Jo?” Well, The Facts of Life

started without Jo, something I can’t even imagine, much less remember.

In the spirit of fair play

(in other words, to give our Italian readers something to laugh at),

here’s the U.S. version.



That leads to my second question,

Molly Ringwald was in The Facts of Life?” Just

the first season. Second season, the show changed its focus from a large

boarding house to a smaller group, including Jo. On behalf of all of

the girls who got an undefined but undeniable tingle whenever Jo swaggered

on-screen, I say, “Thank you, producers.”

Here’s the Italian version

of the later theme song.



And just in case you have forgotten

the antics of one of the best non-lesbian lesbian couples ever on television,

here’s a clip from the episode with Jo and Blair’s paint fight. (The

entire clip is almost five minutes long, but worth it.)



Remember the last season of The

Facts of Life
, when Jo got married? Who were they trying to fool?

is a couple in love.

For more Facts of Life memories,

visit the photo galleries at this great

Facts of Life site

And rejoice with me that the Mullet is gone. Well, mostly.

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