What did Katee Sackhoff really say?


Ever play a game of telephone as a child? What starts out as "Katee Sackhoff is frakking hot" somehow becomes something like "my kids are smoking pot."

Apparently, we adults are not immune to such childish pastimes. Last week, reports began circulating that Katee Sackhoff had been loudly distancing herself from not only Bionic Woman (not that I blame her), but also Michelle Ryan. One blogger reportedly attended a recent sci-fi convention at which Sackhoff spoke publicly about both Battlestar Galactica and Bionic Woman, and has insinuated that Sackhoff said some not-so-nice things about both the show and Ryan.

Those insinuations seem to be based not on any of her public statements, but on bits and pieces of private conversations between Sackhoff and parties unknown. Does it sound like a good idea to you to pass on bits and pieces of a conversation to which you are not a party? It certainly seems like a bad idea to me. Of course, I never really enjoyed playing telephone as a child. It would always be my unfortunate luck to have to spout drivel like "Mary Poppins saved Uncle Sam" when what my friend originally said was "Michelle Ryan has nice abs."

Turns out, other reports from the same convention insist that Sackhoff said no such things. In fact, those reports insist that she simply indicated she had completed filming the episodes for which she was originally contracted, but made no assertions about her possible future on the show should Bionic Woman somehow survive the writers’ strike. These other reports also insist that she made no derogatory statements of any kind about Ryan. What the various sources do agree on, though, is that she did call the show a "clusterfrak." Really, who could argue with that?

Bionic Woman has been swinging and missing since episode two. And frankly, if Sackhoff wants to leap off the sinking ship, then I say by all means jump. I’ll catch you, Katee, I promise.

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