Kristy McNichol makes me cover my eyes


From quite a young age (thanks mostly to the influence of my older sister), I had a lot of posters on my bedroom walls. There were a few boys, mostly pretty ones like Scott Baio, Leif Garrett and Shaun Cassidy. Oh, the feathered hair. But there were more girls, of course. I’m pretty sure the first girl on my wall was Kristy McNichol, starting with her days on Family. Wasn’t she a cute kid?

And talk about awesome feathered hair:

Of course, the mullet years weren’t kind to any of us:

A fellow blogger (thanks, browne!) sent me this clip of Kristy in Two Moon Junction, a 1988 Zalman King movie I’ve never seen. Here’s Kristy with Sherilyn Fenn:

I’m speechless. I can’t handle seeing a lifelong crush in a compromised position (and by that I mean such a blindingly crappy movie, not the Fenn scene). I’m going to cover my head and think about Little Darlings instead.

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