Outside the Lines: Queen of “College Hill”


Should Kathy Harris get booted off College Hill: Interns?

You know who Kathy is, right? She’s the sassy out lesbian on BET’s new half-hour reality series about a group of black summer interns living and working together in Chicago. College Hill: Interns is The Apprentice meets The Real World. A group of future Masters of the Universe are divided into two teams to compete in challenges focused on marketing, team building, management, publicity and community organizing. Heads roll, and interns go home.

Because most of the action takes place in their sleek apartment, the 10 interns do much of their business brainstorming hung over, still drunk, wearing underwear, sleepwear or nothing at all. There’s a lot of education and entrepreneurship alongside fronting, flirting and freakiness. And lots of drinking!

Kathy, the resident lesbian, is a 20-year-old sophomore at Illinois State University who hopes her stint as a College Hill intern will lead to a VJ gig on BET. Pretty, with close-cropped hair and wide, round, Bette Davis eyes, she describes herself as an honorary D.I.V.A. (Divine. Intellectual. Vibrant. & Articulate.) On the show, she’s carved out a role as “motivator.”

Halfway through, how’s Kathy doing? She’s out, but is she in? Two interns have been sent packing, and as the show hurtles toward the Dec. 4 finale, somebody — or somebodies — will also go home. So what about Kathy: Is she making the grade? Let’s see:

Coming Out: A+

In Episode 2, during a group conversation about dating, somebody asked, “What’s the worst line you ever heard?” Kathy’s response was, “I can turn you straight.”

As jaws hit the floor, she added: “I don’t date guys. I like all types of women. I like all of them. And I like [expletive] them.” Wow!

In one of those gossipy, canned interviews that are a staple of reality TV, housemate Lonnie said, “Hey, I have nothing against homosexuality whatsoever, especially hot lesbians.”

And later, when Kathy was careful to assure the other women that she would never date any of them, Ivy wrote on her blog, “Honestly, I thought, ‘dang, why not, you don’t think we’re cute?'” For Kathy, coming out of the closet and into the limelight was seamless and natural.

Humility: F

In Episode 5, nearly drunk on a scary, yellow-looking cocktail, Kathy announced that “nobody in this house is on my level in terms of sex.”

But she didn’t stop there. “If a girl was, like, laying on this table right now, I could just rub my hand all over her body, and I betcha she’d feel everything,” Kathy went on. “She’d probably come just by me doing it.” (Between the slurring and the censors, I think she said “come.”)

Amid lots of eye rolling, it went downhill from there:

Lonnie: Give me a tip then. [Then, behind Kathy’s back in an interview:] Right off the top, I’m thinking: “This is bulls—. If this is real, I will never question you again in my [expletive] life.”

Kathy: I give her my energy.

Lonnie: I don’t know where the [expletive] this energy is. I want some secret Quasimodo Lord of the Ring type thing.