We’re Getting Nowhere: “America’s Next Top Model” Episode 9.10


The Top Model contestants continued their adventures in China this week, and we learned that no matter where they go, there they are — being bitchy.

In the most recent episode of ANTM, the girls take to the friendly skies and learn some nifty aerial fighting tricks a la Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. In short, Heather does surprisingly well, Bianca chickens out, and Michelle Yeoh has nothing to worry about. Check out our reenactment of the challenge

with some unlucky (and not very athletic) dolls.

In addition to the Top Model acrobatics, this week we discuss:

  • Why Saleisha let us down
  • What kind of “queen” Cover Girl spokesmodel Queen Latifah is looking for
  • How Bianca is like an ant

Also, in another We’re Getting Nowhere bonus feature, the “lost” ANTM contestants, Loquacious, Lorelai and Natalia, audition for a Cover Girl commercial. It’s not nearly as glamorous as it sounds.

America’s Next Top Model Video Blog: Episode 9.10

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three “lost” contestants of America’s Next Top Model

audition for a Cover Girl commercial


See full Top Model photo portfolios for Loquacious, Lorelai and Natalia

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