“Sarah Connor” wants you – or at least your design skills


Like Siege, I’m a fan of pretty posters. Let’s take another look at one, just to refresh our memories:

It’s hard to imagine how anyone could improve on that, but now you have an excuse to try. Fox has announced a fan poster contest for Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Create the winning promotional poster, and you’ll win a trip for two to L.A., where you’ll attend the premiere party on Jan. 9. Your poster will also be displayed on the show’s official website. (And Fox will be forever grateful for the free labor.)

To create your own homage to Lena Headey, visit www.fox.com/terminator to download fonts, graphics and title cards. Apply your mad design skillz and submit your entry via the website by Dec. 14. The five finalists’ submissions will be posted on the site, and public votes will determine the winner — so if you get that far, remind us all to vote you into the inner sanctum!

For inspiration, here’s a Sarah Connor trailer:



Is it just me, or is Lena a lot less sexy with an American accent? I hope this doesn’t turn into another accent fiasco, a la Bionic Woman. Michelle Ryan is so much better in her native tongue.

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