Dolce & Gabbana ads to make your Monday a little gayer


Thanks to Brian at, a couple of Dolce & Gabbana ads have made my Monday a little brighter (and gah, is there anything darker than a Monday right after a holiday?).

The ads (currently airing on TV, though I have yet to see them) depict two people on the go, rushing to meet their dates for the evening. But their dates aren’t quite who you’d expect them to be. In fact, their whole world seems to be full of unexpected elements — really gay ones.

There are two versions of the ad, one for the ladies and one for the gentlemen. (Though I guess reasonable minds might differ on which one is which.) Here’s one version:

And here’s the other:

Now if only we could get one in which the women wear the tuxes! Love those silver sneaks.

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