Tricia Helfer and Michael Taylor on “Razor”


Battlestar Galactica: Razor, a two-hour TV movie that aired last Saturday, introduced a significant same-sex relationship to the critically acclaimed series by revealing that Admiral Helena Cain (Michelle Forbes) was intimately involved with Gina, one of the copies of Cylon model Number Six.

Tricia Helfer, the actress who plays Number Six, and series co-executive producer Michael Taylor, who wrote Razor, recently answered a few questions via email from about Razor, the character of Admiral Cain, and sexuality in the Battlestar Galactica universe. When shooting the Season 2 episodes “Pegasus” and “Resurrection Ship,” did you know about Gina/Six’s relationship with Cain? If not, how did you understand Cain’s treatment of your character when you were shooting Season 2?

Tricia Helfer:
While shooting “Pegasus” and “Resurrection Ship,” I didn’t know anything of a relationship between Gina and Cain. Though Cain’s reaction and treatment was severe, she was forced to deal with a human/Cylon immediately, in the height of the shock and stress of the attack. Cain was a very strong and ruthless character, so I wasn’t surprised by the treatment she enforced.

AE: Gina in “Razor” seemed to genuinely care for Helena Cain, but she was also clearly doing the work of the Cylons. Do you think Gina had genuine feelings for Cain?

I do believe that Gina had genuine feelings for Cain. Very much like Six (Caprica Six) who cared intensely for Baltar — that didn’t stop her from completing her mission either.

AE: The character of Gina seems to differ somewhat from Caprica 6 and her other incarnations. Who is Gina in comparison to the other copies?

TH: The way I look at all the Sixes is that they are the same base model, but their individual missions have made unique imprints on them. Gina had to fit in with humans, and I feel she was the most “human like” and hence, susceptible to the emotional and physical torture that she endured. She was quite damaged by the time she took her own life.

AE: All of the copies of Number Six seem quite open in their sexuality. What do you think her sexual orientation is, and do you think all Cylons are similarly open?

Six is very open with sexuality. I never really thought of her orientation until the Gina/Cain relationship in Razor. Up until that point, the only sexual story was with Baltar so I assumed as such. Obviously, that’s not the case. 🙂

During the third season of filming, Ron Moore gave the Cylon actors a briefing on “Life on a Cylon Baseship.” In it he states that, among other things, nudity and sexuality are not an issue or taboo for Cylons. I assume then that all the Cylons are similarly open.

AE: When the Season 2 episodes “Pegasus” and “Resurrection Ship” were written, was Admiral Cain’s relationship with Gina/Number Six already in the backstory, or was that relationship created for Razor? If so, why?

Michael Taylor:
That relationship was indeed created for Razor, though it developed from our desire to explore whether Cain’s anger and revulsion at Gina, so evident in her first appearance in Season 2’s “Pegasus,” had a personal component. At which point, the idea that the pair had had an intimate relationship quickly came to mind. It made Gina’s betrayal that much more devastating for Cain.

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