We’re Getting Nowhere: “America’s Next Top Model” Episode 9.9


If you’ve needed to catch up on your sleep, the most recent ANTM offered a stellar opportunity. There was hardly any crying or fighting, and despite the proximity of pyrotechnics, the photo shoot was less than hot. The episode was just plain boring.

Nevertheless, there were some developments for us to discuss. Heather worked hard to maintain her composure in the face of criticism, Lisa tripped over her words on the runway, and Bianca struggled to keep her big mouth shut. Again. Most importantly, the models learned that they will soon be doing some international traveling! (Cue group squeal.)

In addition to the Heather/Bianca/Lisa drama, this week we discuss:

  • What happens when the models are forced to write and recite their own speeches on the runway
  • Why Heather, Lisa and Saleisha ended up bathing together in the ANTM communal shower
  • How Dara, Jill and I fared in our respective high school gym classes. I’m not even sure how we landed on this topic, but then we don’t call this vlog We’re Getting Nowhere for nothing!

Also, in another We’re Getting Nowhere bonus feature, the “lost” ANTM contestants, Loquacious, Lorelai and Natalia, meet with FIDM students and inspire their original designs. (Though I’m not sure that “inspire” is really the best word to describe what those models do to those poor students.)

America’s Next Top Model Video Blog: Episode 9.9

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three “lost” contestants of America’s Next Top Model

inspire designs by students at FIDM

See full Top Model photo portfolios for Loquacious, Lorelai and Natalia

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