Tila explains things to Tyra


Last week, Tila Tequila was a guest on The Tyra Banks Show (thanks to Queerty for the tip). The episode discussed bisexuality generally, supposedly in an attempt to enlighten and educate.

But Tyra’s own attitude seems far less than enlightened. Maybe Tila Tequila isn’t the ideal representative for bisexuals — not that one person could ever represent such a diverse group — but she definitely seems cooler than Tyra in this video. (Warning: Tila has a shrieky laugh. This could be painful if you’re wearing headphones.)

I can’t believe Tyra presented herself as so clueless — and therefore presented bisexuality as completely unimaginable to straight people. “Thanks for explaining this whole thing to me.” That’s ridiculous. Especially for Tyra: Maybe all those rumors about her and WNBA star Teresa Weatherspoon were just rumors, but you’d think they would have made the mere notion of a same-sex relationship a little less unfathomable in her mind.

I think maybe I’m glad I didn’t see the whole episode! But if you did see it, let us know whether Tyra ever redeemed herself.

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