“Bad Girls” Recaps: Episode 3.12 “Tough Love”


Wrapping things up — The two Julies are glum and silent as Hollamby and Gina process them for departure. Hollamby says they look like they’re going to prison, not leaving it. It doesn’t exactly get better when Julie S. claims the last of her possessions — a bunch of condoms. Julie J. is a lot better at expressing her jealousy than Helen is — and the Julies aren’t even a couple!

Speaking of couples, Thomas and Helen are getting ready to go to the conference. The sensitive doctor suggests that they stop for a bite to eat on the way, at a “pub along the river.” Retch.

Inside, Josh tells Caroline to pack her things. Maxi overhears and goes right to Nikki.

Maxi: So, it’s goodbye to your girlfriend then, Wade? That’s a shame, innit?

Nikki: You know, you really are gettin’ on my tits.

Maxi: It’ll be more of a shame when everyone knows she’s a nonce.

Nikki grabs Maxi and slams her down against a nearby table, but it doesn’t stop Maxi.

Maxi: Does it turn you on, screwin’ a child molester? ‘Cause that’s what she is, isn’t she?

Nikki: What?

Maxi: Didn’t you know? [to the gathering crowd] Big Queen Nikki here has been shagging a nonce. That’s what Caroline Lewis is in for. Her and her bloke took pictures of kids having sex and sold ’em on the Net. All that embezzlement crap is a load of bollocks to protect her.

And she offers Caroline’s file as proof. As Nikki reads it, the easily provoked prisoners start chanting, “Nonce! Nonce! Kill the nonce!” They all march toward Caroline, so Josh pushes her back into her cell for her own safety and presses the emergency call button. Nikki looks both worried and disgusted. She turns around to see Helen watching too, looking just plain sad and sorry.

Wow. That was quite a revelation. I don’t quite understand why it would have meant Nikki’s downfall — it’s not like she knew Caroline was a nonce — but then again, all I know about prison I learned from this show. Which is pretty much the same as not knowing anything, I’ll bet.

A lame ending — The two Julies are on their way to life after Larkhall. Or are they? As Julie S. embraces her son and Julie J. tries to go her own way, some detectives show up. They’re investigating some thefts and a call girl ring, and they’re putting the two Julies right back under arrest. Silly.

NOTE: There will be no Bad Girls recap next week. The next new episode will air Nov. 29 on Logo, with the recap to follow Dec. 3.

NEXT TIME ON BAD GIRLS: Yet another newbie arrives; Al continues to pick on Shaz; Di Barker is back.

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