“Bad Girls” Recaps: Episode 3.12 “Tough Love”


Nikki asks to be dismissed and Helen lets her go. But then she stops her.

Helen: Nikki.

Nikki: [as Helen just stares] Well?

Helen: Be careful.

Nikki: What?

Helen: You heard.

The music and the mood and the looks on their faces … for a moment, it all seems possible again. Even though Helen is being cryptic and frustrating.

The minute Nikki gets back to the common area, Caroline wants an update. Nikki plays it off as some generic concerns about prisoner hanky-panky.

Caroline: So am I in trouble?

Nikki: No, no, it’s me who gets my knuckles rapped for leading you astray. If only she knew. Anyway. Let’s forget about her. I’ve heard there’s a party tonight. Do you fancy it?

Caroline: Yeah. That’d be great.

Maxi watches all of this with that carnivorous look on her face.

But the faces of the partygoers in the two Julies’ cell are welcoming and friendly. Everyone teases them when Nikki says she just had to “pop down the library with Caroline.” And after the party, the two Julies ask Nikki about her new friend and encourage her. They’re such sweethearts.

Elsewhere, Helen stops Hollamby and goes over some “reallocations” with her — she’s planning to transfer a few people off G Wing in order to reduce workload. Yeah, right. Guess who’s on the list? One Caroline Lewis.

Heartache — Julie S. finally tells Julie J. about her plans to explore the prospect of reuniting with Trevor. Julie J. doesn’t take it very well.

Julie J.: But what about all our plans? Cottage in the country! No men!

We all have our dreams, Ju.

More heartache — Nikki is flirting with Caroline again.

Nikki: You coming to do another drawing of my bedding plants today? [noticing Caroline’s sad face] What’s wrong?

Caroline: I’m being shipped out.

Nikki: What?!

Caroline: Something to do with overcrowding. Miss Stewart’s orders.

So Nikki goes right to Miss Stewart. Since when can an inmate waltz up to the Governing Gov’s office?

Nikki: You just can’t bear to see me happy, can you?

Helen: You are way off.

Nikki: Why can’t you just admit you’re jealous?

Helen: I don’t have to explain myself.

Nikki: ‘Cause you haven’t got the balls, that’s why. You’re like a big kid. You don’t want the toy, and you don’t want anyone else to have it either. Is this how it’s gonna be? Every time I meet someone I like, they get moved out?

Helen: I won’t be responsible for that when your wing governor gets back.

Nikki: Betts wouldn’t have done this.

Helen: Look, Nikki. I’ve got no more to say on the matter.

Nikki: And that’s what you always do, Helen, isn’t it? You play the power game on me. Have you ever considered therapy? Christ knows you need it!

Whoa. If they’re both going to insist on being this nasty, who am I supposed to root for? Wait up, Caroline!

After Nikki leaves, Helen sighs and leans back in her chair, shaking her head. Yep, that Wade still gets to ya, doesn’t she?

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