“Bad Girls” Recaps: Episode 3.12 “Tough Love”


A tale of two Julies — Yvonne asks Babs to help her get some of the communion wine so they can have a send-off for the two Julies. Barbara says that’s locked up, but she might be able to get something better.

Meanwhile, in a private visiting room, Julie S. tells her son David that she has begun to reconcile with his father, Trevor. So this is the big secret she’s been keeping from Julie J. — is there a more lesbian non-lesbian couple in the world than the two Julies?

Julie says she’s so glad David will finally get to have two parents.

David: I’ve always had two parents. Auntie Julie’s been like a second mum.

So gay!

Julie S. says they’ll be living with Julie J. anyway, and always will, no matter what happens with Trevor.

Julie S.: I’ve told him straight: We come as a package.

Straight. Package. Oh, I can’t even make the jokes.

The potting shed — Caroline is in the garden, sketching the potting shed. Right on cue, Nikki emerges from the shed.

Nikki: What you doing here?

Caroline: Art class.

Nikki: [taking a seat next to Caroline, close enough for their shoulders to touch] I didn’t know you had a talent.

Caroline: Didn’t you? We’re doing a project called inside/outside. So I thought I’d do your shed. Sort of like an inside space … but outside. [glancing at the high prison walls] But still inside, if you know what I mean.

Wow, check out the rather smoldering look on Nikki’s face. I think she knows exactly what Caroline means, if you know what I mean.

Caroline: So I’ll need to do the inside as well, won’t I? If you let me.

Nikki: Come on.

As they go into the shed, Helen watches from inside the prison. Her face doesn’t look nasty now — just anguished.

Kind of interesting for Helen to be gazing out through bars, isn’t it? It harks back to that time Nikki peered down from her cell to see Helen and Dominic chatting.

Except Helen has nobody to blame for her incarceration (or her thwarted desires) but herself.

Lunch — The Peckham Boot Gang sit next to Nikki and Caroline. They ask Caroline what she’s in for.

Maxi: Must be something real cool, if Nikki is giving you the time of day.

Caroline tells her embezzlement story. Maxi says she can believe Caroline knows how to be deceptive. What? The other Peckham girls don’t get it either.

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