“Bad Girls” Recaps: Episode 3.12 “Tough Love”


Helen says she’s willing to negotiate and asks everyone to go to the prison atrium. The atrium? Is that what the big open area is called? Can I get some blueprints, please, so I can make sense of this place?

The inmates file in, looking like they’re more interested in rumbling than negotiating. Through the bars, Helen and Nikki lock eyes again. How many more gazes-through-the-gates must we endure?

Helen: [calmly] OK. I’ve thought about all you’ve said, and I understand your grievance.

Nikki: [loudly, in top dog mode] So what you gonna do about it?

Helen: I’ve spoken to Allocation. We’ve made arrangements to transfer another Nigerian prisoner with a similar background to Femi. She’ll be here tomorrow. She speaks good English. She and Femi can share a cell on E Wing.

Nikki: Well, that’s something.

Helen: So would you like to call off your little protest now?

Nikki: [eagerly] It’s off.

But Maxi disagrees. She wants her grievances to be heard — they’re mostly about prison conditions, because, well, it’s prison — so she quickly whips everyone into a frenzy again.

Nikki: [to Helen] It just needs time to sink in. That’s all. They’re a bit fired up.

Helen: And who fired them up, Nikki?

Oooh. Nikki looks stunned. It’s a low blow, and an unfair one; when did Helen stop loving Nikki for wanting justice above all else? But Helen just gives her a stern look and walks away.

Nikki tries to get Maxi and the others to simmer down, but Maxi doesn’t think Nikki deserves to be top dog anyway.

Maxi: [to the crowd] Just ’cause she topped a pig about 50 years ago.

As Nikki and Maxi stare each other down, Yvonne watches from above. Nikki soon takes issue with that — after she scoffs at Maxi and walks away, conceding for now.

Nikki: [to Yvonne] Thanks for all your help.

Yvonne: I told you; I’m sick of fighting other people’s battles.

Nikki: There’s some things you’ve gotta make a stand for.

Yvonne: Look. I already go to sleep at night with one eye open because of those three little tarts. I’m getting too old for this, Nikki. I just want a quiet life.

Nikki: Well, you’re not gonna get that with Maxi Purvis in charge, are ya? [walks away]

Moms! I hate it when you two fight!

Yvonne quickly reconsiders and calls after Nikki. She’s almost gleeful, as if she has suddenly figured out how to minimize Maxi.

A little light reading — In the Peckham Boot Gang’s cell, Maxi is reading her file, as well as Al’s and Tina’s. They all glory in their criminality. They’re so busy preening, they don’t notice that Nikki is right outside their door — and she’s pulling it shut. “It’s lockup time,” says Nikki. Heh.

Out of options — Helen is preparing her officers to go in and take control because the inmates still refuse to stand down. As she stresses the importance of professionalism and safety, Gina interrupts.

Gina: Nikki Wade wants to see you. She says it’s all over.

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