“Bad Girls” Recaps: Episode 3.12 “Tough Love”


Nikki: What did you get?

Caroline: Minus what I did on remand, I’ve got 18 months to go.

Nikki: And what about him?

Caroline: Did a bunk, didn’t he? Not seen him since I went down. [bitterly] We’d been together five years.

Nikki: [ruefully] The things we do for love, eh?

Caroline: Both in for the same reason, then.

Nikki: What?

Caroline: You killed a copper, didn’t you? For trying to rape your girlfriend?

Nikki: Who told you that?!

Caroline: Everyone knows about you. You got a big following in here.

Nikki: Well, first I’ve heard of it.

Nikki is both embarrassed and chuffed. It’s adorable.

Caroline: Modest and smart! [getting serious] Not much you haven’t got, really, is there?

Nikki: I wouldn’t get too close.You might be disappointed.

Caroline: How close will you let me come?

Nikki doesn’t say anything; she just holds her gaze. So Caroline goes in for the kiss. Nikki jumps to her feet faster than you can say “Acting Governor.”

Nikki: I’m spoken for.

Not that Helen’s done much speaking up for you lately, Nikki!

Caroline: Not what I heard.

Nikki: I said you’d be disappointed.

Caroline: Not what I’ve seen, either.

Nikki: Yeah, well. It’s no one in here.

Caroline: I’m a big girl, you know. If this is your way of letting me down gently, I …

Nikki: No! I should be out of here soon, with any luck, and then we’ll be together.

And here I thought she was giving up hope. I love Nikki’s ability to keep believing against all odds. (I just wish we could occasionally see some of her other qualities as well.)

Caroline: Soon can be a long time in a place like this.

If you know what I mean. Nikki neither confirms nor denies that she gets the hint, but I’m pretty sure she’s a big girl too.

Governing — At Riot Control HQ, Helen is still pacing and plotting. She wants to resolve the crisis peacefully, not “go in hard” as Hollamby suggests.

Helen: The fact is, they have a genuine grievance. They’re not out for themselves.

If it’s so genuine, why didn’t you just give Nikki a status report when she asked for one?

Gina points out that some of the inmates don’t care about Femi at all and are just rioting for rioting’s sake.

Helen: I’m well aware of it. And as soon as it’s sorted out, they’re gonna pay for it. Don’t you worry.

So Helen makes an announcement over the prison P.A. system. I forget that even exists; they so rarely use it. I’d be on there all the time, saying things like, “Top o’ the morning, everyone! Don’t forget the pool tournament today on the Lido deck.” Or, “If you can’t be an athlete, be an athletic supporter.”

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