“Damages” renewed: two more seasons of Glenn Close-ups


This is going to be a little

spoilerish, so let me get to the point first. Damages

has been renewed

for two more seasons. That’s right — two.

Now, to give those of you waiting

for the season on DVD or not yet caught up with your DVR a chance to

skedaddle, here’s another look at one of the best promotional photos


**Did I mention spoilers


I have to say that even with

‘ ups and downs over its first season, I think it’s one of

the best shows to come along in years. And not just because Glenn

in a power suit is as close to perfection as a mere human

will ever be.

As many an AfterEllen.com blogger has observed, from start to finish, the first season of Damages was

sophisticated and smart — as much a character study as a murder mystery.

I was fascinated to watch the relationship between Patty Hewes (Close)

and Ellen Parsons (Rose Byrne) develop from mentor-protégée to

co-conspirators to predator-prey.

As the season finale ended,

we learned that the dynamics are about to change. Now Ellen will become

predator, returning to work for Patty for the sole reason of bringing

her down. I’m looking forward to seeing Ellen’s character operate as

more than Patty’s pawn — and finding out if Byrne’s acting range goes

beyond the sort of numb horror she was stuck in this season.

We have plenty of new questions

to explore next season. Why did Patty try to have Ellen killed? Would

Patty, who has a reputation for doing whatever it takes to win, really

be that threatened by Ellen’s guilt over what they did to Ray Fiske?

Did Arthur Frobisher (a marvelously

sleazy Ted Danson) die? Will Larry be back to pay for what he

did? What was Patty’s son doing at the apartment the night Ellen was

almost killed? Did he see Uncle Pete? Is Tom (Tate Donovan) really

Ellen’s friend or will he always come down on Patty’s side?

What will Ellen do when she

finds out a cop killed David? And when will we learn that Ellen was

never in love with David, but was, in fact, after his sister Katie?

Oops, sorry. I got carried


In any case, I’m very happy

will be back. How about you? What questions are driving

you crazy? What would you like to see happen next season?

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