The girls of “Twin Peaks”: Where are they now?


Remember when “Who killed Laura

” was

the question everyone was asking? I certainly do. It was 1990 and I

was a junior in college — watching television on the little black-and-white set I had in my Resident Assistant dorm room. Now, I’m not a

David Lynch fan by anyone’s definition, but I was captivated by

Twin Peaks
, at least for a while. (Then it got too supernatural

and weird for me.)

I read that the 10-disc “Definitive Gold-Box

” of

Twin Peaks
was releasing this week, and the memories came rushing

back. There was the haunting Julee Cruise

theme song. And

the incredibly tantalizing intrigue and mystery of the murder. And,

of course, the bizarre dream sequence — with the giant and dwarf and

Jenny being chased at the carnival. Oh, wait … I believe I’ve conflated

the compelling dream sequence and the stupid.

Take a look at the promo for

the DVD box set to have it all come rushing back.


Then there was the cast!

Piper Laurie
and Michael Ontkean were probably the biggest

names when the show began, but Kyle MacLachlan quickly made a

name for himself. And, of course, there were all the girls.

For years, Sherilyn Fenn

and Lara Flynn Boyle were “those girls who were on Twin

.” (And they still are to a certain extent.) But all of this

got me thinking about where the Twin Peaks

girls are now.

Sheryl Lee (Laura Palmer)

She made her entrance in

Twin Peaks
dead, wrapped in

” and

achieved cult status. (She was also on the show as Laura’s cousin, Madeline


Since Twin Peaks, Lee

has worked regularly, mostly in television. In addition to numerous

one-time roles, she was a regular on L.A. Doctors (Dr. Sarah

Church) and she was Ellie Harp on One Tree Hill.

She’s also the daughter-in-law

of Neil Diamond. And, most recently, she was in the pilot of State of Mind.


Flynn Boyle

(Donna Hayward)

Donna was the late Laura Palmer’s best friend. That’s pretty much all I recall about

her. (Twin Peaks was on a long time ago.)

Lara Flynn Boyle did not reprise

the role of Donna in the feature film Twin Peaks: Firewalk With Me.

(Moira Kelly took over for her.) Boyle did quite a bit of film

work in the ’90s, with star turns in The Temp and in the utterly

horrendous Threesome. (Straight girl loves gay guy who loves

straight guy who loves straight girl. They have a threesome and gay

guy touches straight guy’s ass. Wow.)

She was a principal character

(Helen Gamble) in The Practice and convincingly played a very

disturbed psychiatric patient in Huff (She attacked the lovely

Paget Brewster). And speaking of disturbing, Boyle dated

Jack Nicholson

for a couple of years. Ew.

Most recently, she played Betty

McBain in Life Is Hot in Cracktown, which is scheduled

for a 2008 release.

Sherilyn Fenn (Audrey Horne)

Audrey was the troublemaker/femme


who had amorous feelings for Agent Cooper.

A couple of years after

Twin Peaks
, she played a bisexual character in Three of Hearts

(Ex-girlfriend (Kelly Lynch) hires male escort to break Fenn’s

heart to get her back — haven’t we all tried that ploy at one time or

another?) This was not the first time she had played lesbian-ish. In

her pre–Twin Peaks days, Fenn fell in love with Joyce Hyser

(in drag) in the Just One of the


Fenn also replaced Kim Basinger in the disturbing Boxing Helena,

which was released the same year as Three of Hearts. During the

last 15 years or so, she’s done a lot of TV work, including Rude

, Boston Public and Gilmore Girls.

Most recently, she played Lena

in Treasure

. To

me, however, her most definitive post–Twin Peaks work is as Ginger,

Chandler’s one-legged girlfriend on Friends. Whose artificial

leg Joey once threw in the fireplace.




Shelley had a complicated existence.

She was married to Leo, but in love with Bobby. And she worked for Norma

as a waitress at the diner. (I had a major crush on Norma.)

Since Twin Peaks, Amick

has done a lot of television, including regular stints on Central

Park West
, Fantasy Island, ER, Joey and

Freddie (which I’ve never heard of). Last year, she was featured

on the short-lived Kidnapped.

Finally, although she was one

of the full-grown women on the show, I need to give a special mention

to Joan Chen — who came to American prominence via Twin Peaks.

You can read Jamie Lynn’s update on Chen here.

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