“Pushing Daisies” pushes on with a full season order


Who here is watching Pushing

? Raise your hands. OK, keep them up. So who here would be

excited to hear that Pushing Daisies got a full season

? Feel free

to wave those arms around with joy. Here, I’ll join you.

The quirky little show is one

of the season’s most unexpected successes. And when I say quirky,

I mean really quirky. Like women-in-giant-dandelion-outfits quirky.

The show’s touched-by-a-piemaker premise is a grown-up fairy tale. It’s like Dr. Seuss,

dipped in Tim Burton, then sprinkled with Disney. In other words,

it’s weirdly sweet. Or sweetly weird. The sweet part mainly has to

do with the piemaker Ned (Lee Pace) and his back-from-the-dead

childhood love Chuck (Anna Friel). They’re so cute, it’s

almost annoying.

But the weird part is where things

get really interesting. The show’s supporting cast of oddballs and

misfits pushes Pushing Daisies

into the full-blown appointment television category in my book. And

the biggest (though clearly not in stature) oddball of the bunch

is little Kristin Chenoweth. She has taken the cutsie Olive and,

in a few short episodes, has made her more nuanced than anyone that perky

has a right to be. I think I’m even secretly rooting for her to win

over the piemaker. I mean, how can you not love a gal who has a habit

of breaking into song?

Did anyone else do a happy

dance when Olive and Chuck’s aunts started singing They Might Be Giants

in yesterday’s episode? Talk about making a little birdhouse in your

soul. Speaking of Chuck’s aunts, the formerly famous synchronized

swimming stars turned cheese-loving recluses are a hoot in their own

right. Though I hope the writers give Swoosie Kurtz

and Ellen Greene (who I totally did not recognize as Audrey from

Little Shop of Horrors
until a co-worker pointed it out) more to

do as the season wears on. As is, they’re a great sight gag,

but I know they’re both capable of so much more.

So now, with a full season to

play around with, I’d like to see the series push more into its slightly

darker corners. The sweet stuff is all fine and good. But it’s

the weird that makes me really want another slice.

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